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Good food is just around the corner!

Shopping for the best quality, freshest, most delicious and nutritious Farm-Fresh Food around is easy. Stop into our Farm Fresh Market on Black Lake Blvd and taste the best of what the NW has to offer.

No minimums, no memberships, no commitments, and no snobby attitudes!

Visit our convenient West Olympia location at 2010 Black Lake Blvd SW, Olympia WA 98512.

Enjoy the Farmer's Market atmosphere, Fresh Organic Produce and Meats, Gluten-free options, Paleo Bread, Grass-fed Beef, CSA programs, Raw Milk, Local Honey, Gourmet Local Free-Range Organic Rotisserie Chicken, & more.

Question? Call us at (360) 943 5573

We invite you to join us for
a taste of the Northwest

~Celia, Tom, Sammy, and Jacob
Farm Fresh Northwest